Boarding is only available to those involved in our lessons program


Boarding Highlights

PFX2.0 Big Ass Fans:
We have two of these quiet, energy efficient air movers in our barn, that not only keep the flies and ammonia smells away but also provide a cool sanctuary on a hot day. Please visit their website for more information: http://www.bigassfans.com/

Priefert 50’ 4 Panel Walker:
Our walker/exerciser comes complete with programable automated workouts, optional electrified separation panels, a sprinkler system and drag, and soft, 2 inch deep, sand footing.  The outside panels are an open but very secure wire mesh, making it easy to track your horses movements, ensure they are safe, and quickly know when the programs have ended. Walker use is available to every boarder with a pre use training requirement that takes only approximately 10 minutes.  We will also put your horse on the walker regularly per your request for a minimal fee. For more information on the walker, please visit: http://www.prieferthorsewalkers.com/panel-walker

ALU Jumps USA:
Our aluminum jump standards, planks, gates and wood poles, all boast a light weight appeal for ease of movement but also maintain longevity in our sunny climate. Please visit their website for more information: http://alujumpsusa.com/index.html

Arena Footing by Premier Equestrian:
In May of 2017, FCVC added a product, Arena Aid, to our existing sand footing. This provided a combination of nylon and polyester fibers that helped stabilize our sand. The unique formula of fibers gave our sand a structure by trapping loose, rolling particles and has resulted in increased stability and grip, cushion, cupping, rebound, and reduced shear forces. As an added benefit, the nylon fibers hold moisture in our arena surface and reduce the need for watering and cut down on dust. For more information, please visit: https://premierequestrian.com/horse-arena-footing/footing-additives/

Sand Turnout:
Behind the barn we have a large, 100’ x 40’ all sand turnout for horses to enjoy. They seem to really appreciate a thorough rolling session as well as a place to play given the opportunity.



We have 100 acres of trail on Full Circle Ranch that FCVC has access to use at any time. These trails provide a variety of hills for increased cardiovascular challenge and hindquarter strengthening. We share this space with some friendly cows and sheep with their canine guardians, and our pasture pet horse, Shadow.

Boarding Agreement

For more information on boarding and pricing, please click on the link below to see our 'Boarding Agreement’.


Pay Boarding Fees

You can pay with the Venmo app.
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For more information please contact info@fcvcslo.com