Highly qualified and accomplished eventing trainer, Gina Miles will team up with a pilates expert and fellow equestrian, Amanda Balogh. Together, they will provide an impactful clinic that focuses not only on achieving success in combination of horse and rider but also through assessing the rider individually, discovering their areas of strength and weakness and how they may influence the horse’s performance. Horse and rider will walk away with an education and more tools for improved performance.

Optional Rider Only Workshops: Riders bring your mats (if not your horse) to join Amanda for a 75 minute functional assessment that will result in individualized and specific exercises for riders present. If you are able to bring your horse, Amanda will spend approximately 30 minutes observing and helping the rider make adjustments in conjunction with Gina and improve body awareness that will aid in individualizing exercises during the workshop. For more information on Amanda Balogh, check out her class offerings at Pilates Power Center in Arroyo Grande.

Auditing of the clinic is available for no charge. Please still sign up and note that you are attending as an audit. Thank you!



    •    Private lesson with Gina: $100
    •    Group lesson with Gina: $75
    •    Rider/horse observation with dialog and workshop - Amanda: $90
    •    Rider only workshop with Amanda: $35



Full Circle Ranch
6886 Orcutt Road
San Luis Obispo, CA


(Please sign up under the level you would like to jump as we work to build the schedule)
    •    0.80m-0.90m

    •    0.90m-1.0m

    •    1.0m-1.10m

    •    1.10m-1.20m

    •    1.20 and above

Individual rider assessment with Amanda
    •    Rider/Horse Observation + workshop
    •    Rider Only Workshop


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Never give up on your horse cause your horse would never give up on you.
— unknown

Barn etiquette at Full Circle Ranch
    •    We ask that you please leave your dogs at home.
    •    Helmets are required for jumping.
    •    All participants will be asked to sign a waiver of liability.
    •    We ask that you do not wander far from the barn area as we are a working ranch.
    •    Have an excellent time and feel free to make a cup of tea/coffee or enjoy kombucha on tap.


Further Questions/Information:
Please do not hesitate to send an email to natashalillydvm@gmail.com  or call Tasha at: 530-848-7100 if you have any questions/concerns. Check us out on FaceBook: Full Circle Ranch, SLO and check back on our website: www.fcvcslo.com for updates.


Amanda Balogh is a certified Gyrotonic instructor and a practitioner of the Hendrickson Method of Orthopedic massage. She received her Pilates certification in 2000, Hendrickson Method certification in 2003, and Gyrotonic certification in 2005 and has been working with Gina Miles over the past few years to apply her knowledge to enhancing the physical connection between horse and rider.
For more information on Amanda Baloug, check out her class offerings at Pilates Power Center in Arroyo Grande.

Please direct other questions about the workshops to Amanda at: pavonespilates@gmail.com