Chiropractic Care for our Companions:

Chiropractic is a hands-on form of complementary healthcare that locates and corrects joint dysfunction. When a joint isn’t functioning properly, there is a disruption in the communication between that part of the body and the brain, a process called dysafferentation. Dysafferentation leads to aberrant postures, movements, and ultimately may lead to pain. We commonly see consequences of this in humans as low back pain or neck pain. The biggest difference between pain in humans and pain in animals is that it is more difficult for the pet parent and then for the practitioner to understand and identify the source of pain. As much as we’d like them to, our dogs cannot directly tell us “my pelvis hurts right here” and our horses cannot say “it doesn’t feel very comfortable when I turn my neck that way.” Pain in dogs and horses does not always manifest as a clear lameness either. Pain can present in other ways that reflect changes in behavior such as increased anxiety, head shaking, refusing obstacles, etc. Chiropractic training allows practitioners to put the history together with a comprehensive physical exam to identify the affected areas of the body, locating the joint(s) that isn’t functioning properly and correcting it through the use of a gentle manual adjustment.

What to expect

An initial exam will usually begin with gait analysis and then may be followed by a neurological evaluation. The movement of each joint of the spine (and sometimes extremities) is then evaluated. The adjustment is given through a HVLA (high velocity low amplitude) force, meaning that it is given manually with small and quick motion which restores movement and function back to the joint.

What we’ll provide

  • Along with chiropractic assessment and care, other modalities that may be indicated include:

    • Nutritional advice

    • Exercises to do at home

    • Low level laser therapies

Consult times

  • Horse

    • Initial - 30 min

    • Recheck - 20 min

  • Dog

    • Initial - 20 min

    • Recheck - 15 min

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Select ideal appointment times within the available range:
8am - 2pm on Wednesdays

Initial Appointment:

Equine: $100
Canine: $65

Follow up:

Equine: $85
Canine: $50


If you are coming from the North:

Head south on Orcutt Road out into the wine country, among the vineyards. You will pass Wolf

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Please contact Dr. Aubrey or Dr. Lilly for the gate code. Drive slowly -15 mph - as cattle, sheep,

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Please park/pull trailers behind the barn and park. We are happy to help further direct where to

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Aubrey Hefner, DC, CAC

Aubrey Hefner, DC, CAC was introduced to the chiropractic profession at a young age by an animal chiropractor who was caring for her family’s horses. She quickly decided that a career in human and animal chiropractic was the path for her. She graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Biological Sciences in 2015 and continued on to Life Chiropractic College West in the San Francisco Bay Area. She graduated from LCCW in 2018 with honors and simultaneously completed complementary training in animal chiropractic at Animal Chiropractic Education Source in Meridian, Texas. Dr. Hefner earned her AVCA certification in 2018. Shortly after, she moved back to the San Luis Obispo area to begin practicing human chiropractic. She has now teamed up with FCVC to provide chiropractic care for our four-legged friends.