FCVC lessons are taught by our riding instructor, Aleta Camacho. Aleta is gifted with the ability to work with people of all ages and ranges of riding experience, using a gentle and effective approach to learning for both horses and riders. A lesson with Aleta is taught with a focus on good horsemanship, safety and kindness to the horse. With over 20 years of experience instructing in both English and Western disciplines, Aleta can help new riders, to experienced competitors, looking to enhance their skills and connection with the horse. 

We have arena and trail riding lessons available. In addition, Aleta uses several props to create fun obstacles and learning challenges for horses and riders. Below is listed a variety of options for lessons. You are also welcome to pay in person with a check at the time of your lesson. If you have questions, please send an email to info@fcvcslo.com.

Iddy Biddy Rider Lessons

A lesson as an Iddy Biddy Rider lasts 30 minutes and the emphasis is on learning safety around horses, grooming techniques, identifying parts of the horse, and riding time with fun in the saddle. Many younger children need these lesson sessions of learning about the aspects of horsemanship to be short and exciting. Our instructor, Aleta, will work with the smaller windows of focus time typical of our little riders to create an individualized and gratifying experience. Our Iddy Biddy Riders will gain confidence as they gain knowledge of different aspects of horse care and handling both on the ground and in the saddle.

Our Horses



Aussie: Aussie is my husband’s 16 year old retired cutting, Quarter Horse gelding full of speed but when needed, also listens to a 5 year old on his back, pulling him up from a gallop on the trail. He often has something to say in horse nickers for those approaching. His eager to please demeanor and athleticism makes him a good fit to both adults and children. He takes a bit more leg to get him going but is not lazy by any means. Aussie has lived with us since 2014 and continues to impress us with his adaptability from the show ring to the lesson arena and beyond. His buzz words are: Friendly, Kind, Consistent, Athletic.



Ben is an Angel sent from above. Really. He is an 19 year old Paint Horse gelding that came to live with us in 2009 when I was pregnant with my first child. He was a gift from my husband (and above) shortly after I lost my first ever horse companion, Lark. His background is full of exposure to both English and Western disciplines and he is eager to please those riding side saddle, wishing to rope a cow, or jump over small jumps. He is well trained and diversified enough to be ridden in any good fitting tack. Light leg is all that is needed to make his transitions happen and he is happy in the ‘go’ mode. His buzz words are: Solid, Brave, Gentle, Considerate.



TJ is a present pony to my first born in 2010, (we now have 3), that continues to educate many more children on how to be around and ride on a little pony. Although we do not know his exact age, TJ appears to be an approximately 18-20 year old Shetland Pony gelding. His small size makes him perfect for any children just starting out with riding. He’s so easy to work with that my 2 year old can ride around on him with me walking in lead and he gladly follows. My 5 year old has even jumped him over small cross rails with no issues. He will go with light leg contact and is happy to go either English or Western. He is a typical naughty pony on rare occasion and it is not above him to reach out and offer to nip the instructor given the chance, although, he has never succeeded. His buzz words are: Soft, Sleepy, Steady, Stinker!


Group: $40/ea
Private: $60/ea

LESSON PACKAGEs - 5% Discount

Group lesson package of 5 for $190 ($38/ea)
Private lesson package of 5 for $285 ($57/ea)

Iddy Biddy Rider Lessons

Individual: $30
Package of 5 (5% discount): $142.50


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Lessons are available Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday afternoons, Thursday mornings and afternoons, and Saturdays mornings.


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Signup for lessons closes 48 hours in advance. Email aletacamacho@gmail.com or call if exceptions are needed.

Courtesy Cancellation Policy - please allow 24 hours for cancellations. If you need to cancel please email aletacamacho@gmail.com


***None of our lesson horses/ponies have offered to buck or rear with either ourselves, instructors, lesson riders or anyone else to our knowledge. We believe the horses and instructor make or break the riding program and very careful consideration is involved in choosing who is to be a part of this amazing and fun offering.



Download the Venmo app from the iOS or Android app store for easy payments. All payments can be sent to @FCVCSLO